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The SOS Challenge Group

Are you ready to feel PASSIONATE about your health & fitness and finally feel sexy and strong in your own skin?



Are you ready to make a commitment to yourself and get started on your health and fitness journey?  I’m going to tell you this right now- The best way to reach your health and fitness goals  is to hold yourself accountable.  As a fitness instructor, I’m always hearing about some new weight loss miracle or the latest quick fix.  People seem to dive right into things without knowing much about them, or REALLY having a passion for it.  That’s why it’s difficult to make a long term commitment to lifestyle changes.  I’m here to show you that it doesn’t need to be complicated, and it can be fun!   You’re not in this alone, and that’s where the accountability comes in.  When you make the decision to start on a path, the best thing to do is surround yourself with people who are moving in the same direction.  There are SO many of us out there who share the same struggles and frustrations day in and day out.  People of all ages, lifestyles, body types, and fitness levels.  My goal is to increase your health, strength, knowledge, self-esteem, and have you involved in a fitness community where we work together, offer support, and hold each other accountable.

The Sexy Organic Strong Challenge Group is what I’m offering to you!

How does the Challenge Group work?

The Sexy Organic Strong Challenge Group is a private Facebook community where we offer support and hold each other accountable.  Over 70% of people stop their health and fitness journeys because they lack accountability.  That’s why we’re stronger together and work as a team to reach our health and fitness goals.  With this group you always have a place to come and feel supported.  It’s your way to stay connected.  We share photos, recipes, tips, stories, do our daily check-ins, and hold each other accountable.  Your posts will never end up on your public newsfeed, and nothing from within the group is shared without permission.  In here we have each others backs.


  • Personal welcome and introduction
  • Lifetime access
  • Daily health and wellness tips
  • Daily activity check-ins
  • Motivation
  • Nutrition plan for YOUR body type
  • Grocery lists
  • Meal prep
  • Recipes
  • My journey alongside you
  • Weekly Q + A videos
  • Live Facebook videos
  • Weekly progress check-in
  • First invite to other mini challenges and events

This experience, the group support and the weekly accountability is why you will see results FASTER.  There’s no judgement, no hate and no non-sense.


That’s all there is to it! I’m so excited to start working with you!

To Get Started, simply email me at nikki@sexyorganicstrong and say “Let’s do this!!”



My focus is to get you life long results and help you make a lifestyle change.  It’s important that I get to know your needs, goals and preferences to help you get the results your after.



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